Welcome to Alba Landscapes the website for Ron Walsh’s landscape photography.

Born in West Cumbria, Ron spent much of his childhood and teenage years walking the western fells of the Lake District as well as the West Cumbrian coast. As a result of these formative years Ron developed a love of the outdoors which continues to the present day and was the driving force in him becoming a qualified Mountain Leader.

Career paths through Ron’s working life have seen several roads being travelled, ranging from the nuclear industry, professional karate instructor, teacher and running his own business representing several Italian machinery manufacturers to the UK rubber industry.

Since entering the world of work at sixteen, the vast majority of  Ron's roles have been science or technically based. That was, until, as Ron puts it, "photography found him" through an interest in recording his hill walking. This newly found side to Ron, which had been suppressed for many years allowed him to discover that the freedom to visualise and interpret the world at large through a lens had a major impact on him and forced a change of direction in his life. 

2006 saw Ron move to Scotland where he now lives and works from near Dunkeld in Perthshire. In 2008 Ron reached the finals of Landscape Photographer of the Year with his image, A Spring Evening in Falkland being published in Collection 2. The same image was also displayed at the National Theatre in London. In addition,  Ron was shortlisted for Holiday Photographer of the Year in 2008.

In December 2008 Ron made the decision to expand his photographic horizons and use his previous experience in education to enter the world of teaching and running digital landscape photography courses. January 2009 saw Ron take sole ownership of the well-established business Cargill Walsh Photography which had been running landscape workshops in Fife Scotland for several years.

For Ron 2009 involved several trips to Murcia in  Spain where he taught landscape photography for two and a half months of the year. With the remainder of the year spent running digital landscape photography courses in Fife, Scotland.

In early 2010 Ron made the decision to focus on running his landscape courses with smaller group sizes of one to one, or one to two and to solely concentrate on running these landscape photography courses in Fife. This new arrangement ensured that once again Ron had more time to spend with his own camera, something he feels is essential in order to avoid things becoming stale and repetitive. The move to solely run courses from Fife was also, in part, based upon a conscious decision by Ron to try and reduce his carbon footprint by restricting overseas photographic trips to one major trip per year.

During the course of 2010 a number of other decisions were taken by Ron. Firstly, that 2011 was to be his last year of running workshops for the foreseeable future. This decision was a difficult one to make, as Ron found the running of workshops to be an extremely rewarding experience. However, the drive to pursue the further development of his own portfolio coupled with his desire to work much more extensively in Scotland finally forced the decision. Secondly, Ron made the decision that in order to work for the future in this way when he was on a photographic trip,  he needed to finally stop sleeping in the back of his Ford Galaxy. Hence the arrival of a mobile home and some degree of comfort, which allows for trips of much longer duration.

Ron's plan's for 2011 continued with his own photography projects, completing the workshops already booked and finally getting down to work on updating the website in preparation for 2012, when the aim will be to push forward with his own fine art print sales. As a first move in this direction Ron had a display of his work showing at Pillars of Hercules near Falkland, Fife from 9th January 2012 to 13th February 2012. In June 2012 three of Ron's framed prints achieved commendations and were exhibited at the Joe Cornish Gallery, Northallerton, North Yorkshire as part of the Summer Exhibition. 

Having started out on this particular course in life somewhat later than many others, Ron is now keener than ever to continue to move forward with his photography in the future and sincerely trusts that you find something of interest in his work from the journey to date.

PLEASE NOTE. Ron is no longer running workshops, selling prints or undertaking commissioned work. All his photography is now for personal interest only.

Current landscape photography equipment used.