Framed Prints

Framed prints are presented in 1¾" ash or oak frames. Available print sizes are 21" x 14" and 12" x 8". Prints sized as 12" x 8" are supplied with acid free single cut bevelled mount in off white. Prints supplied as 21" x 14" have acid free, off white double mounts meeting museum grade standards. The print is supplied as an archival quality inkjet print presented on 310 gsm Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk paper with a museum grade backboard and supplied with high quality two millimetre float glass.

Frames are individually hand made by a professional Guild Commended Framer (GCF) and are supplied to the highest standards required by the Fine Art Trade Guild. Each frame is ready to hang and is supplied fitted with corner bumpers to avoid marking the wall it's hung on.
Each inkjet print is produced in house using an Epson 3880 professional grade printer running genuine Epson UltraChrome K3 inks with vivid Magenta. Each print is allowed to dry for a minimum of twenty four hours before being individually inspected to ensure it meets the highest quality standards required.

The Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk paper has been developed by Ilford to be the equivalent of the traditional fibre based photographic papers. This paper incorporates a baryta coated layer which lies beneath the layer that the inks are deposited onto. Ilford Gallerie Gold Fibre Silk provides excellent archival properties with a wide colour gamut and improved definition.