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Student Galleries

Please note. Ron Walsh regrets to announce that he personally will not be offering any workshops during 2014.

However, why not consider a workshop with Dee Clarke who for the last two years has been running workshops in conjunction with Alba Landscapes.

To discuss a future workshop with Dee, or purchase a Gift Voucher contact her directly on 07890-079574 or via

You may well ask yourself.  Why should I opt for a digital photography course with Alba Landscapes? By exploring the following galleries you will find images taken by people who have attended photography courses in either Scotland or Spain and in some cases both.

The galleries contain images from people with a range of photographic knowledge and experience. From those who had literally only recently taken their nice new DSLR out of its box, to others who have been taking photographs as a hobby for up to 50 years and in other cases highly experienced amateurs.

All images displayed throughout the Workshops section of this site have been taken by course attendees and are displayed with their approval.