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Please note. Ron Walsh regrets to announce that he personally will not be offering any workshops through 2014.

However, why not consider a workshop with Dee Clarke who for the last three years has been running workshops in conjunction with Alba Landscapes.

To discuss workshops or Gift Vouchers contact Dee directly on 07890-079574 or via


Claus von Hermann - Fife September 2010

“I had a great day out with Ron. I used to use my camera in a lazy fashion taking most pictures with the pre-settings. After half a day of useful theory we went out into the field to take shots at three different locations. Ron showed patience and gave me the freedom and time to find the right compositions and set myself up. He didn’t teach in a dry and “know-it-all” way, but rather guided me towards good results. It was a fantastic day and I learned how and why to do certain things with my camera. I surely got more out of this day than what I was expecting. Ron is very passionate about what he does and it was insightful to spend the day with him. I’d definitely recommend him!”



Chris de Blank - Fife August 2010

"Excellent one day course run by Ron. Great value for money. Student/teacher ratio was fantastic at 1:1. Technical things explained in an easy to grasp manner. Thanks Ron."


Neil Campbell- Fife July 2010


I was recently given a 3 day course with Ron as a present by my wife.  I am familiar with film photography and for many years had used my digital SLR in a lazy "point and click fashion".  Ron opened my eyes to how best to use my digital SLR and his approachable style resulted in my photographic awareness and ability moving forward significantly.  We shot at a number of locations around Fife at various times of the day which meant some early starts and late finishes.  However, this was more than worth it as the combination of technical and practical insight from Ron produced some of the best images I have ever taken.

I had never used any software developing tools before or indeed spent the time to really consider how best to compose images.  Through Ron's coaching both myself and my wife produced some images that we were both surprised and very pleased with.  We both now look at photography in a different light and with lots more confidence.

I would recommend Ron's courses to anyone and encourage those who are looking to move their photography forward in an enjoyable way to get in contact with him.

 Phil Jones - Forth Road Bridge
photo credit © Phil Jones    

Willie Dingwall- Fife May 2010


I recently received a one day Capture to Print course as a birthday gift. As an old technophobe, who'd never used Lightroom or shot images in RAW, I was a little apprehensive beforehand. I need not have worried. Ron's easy going approach and knowledge in his subject, ensured that the technical side was explained clearly and simply.

The end result was a good day, with good company and a number of good images. I even managed to start catching up with technology.

I would happily recommend one of these courses to anybody.




David Pirie- Fife, May 2010

"I recently attended a two day course with Alba Landscapes. It was based at Ron Walsh's premises at Glenrothes in Fife. I was the sole person attending the course which was very much tailored towards my needs.

Although I had some experience in photography having previously attended a short course I was anxious to improve my knowledge of the taking of photographs and the use of Lightroom to process my images. My hopes for the course were fully fulfilled.  Ron proved to be a patient and likable tutor who was prepared to take the time and the trouble to ensure that I got the best out of the time available.

Images were taken at three different locations and included, moving water and a spectacular sunset behind the Forth Bridge. I was able to learn a lot in a short time. This was helped by the 1:1 ratio of pupil to teacher.

Ron explained the latest developments in Lightroom and showed me how to use it properly. I had only scratched the surface previously.

All in all a most rewarding experience, I feel I have made considerable progress and can now move forward with my photography with much more confidence. "



Kevin Haigh- Fife, May 2010

" Thanks again for a great course, probably the best three days I've spent in a long time. Looking back I can see you guided me, advised me and led me in such a (clever) way I never really felt like pupil. I gained a lot of knowledge, confidence and inspiration as well as some great images. I'm now starting to put it all into practice. Looking forward to your new website. "       



Davy Dunn - Fife, April 2010

"After attending Ron’s 3 day “Capture to Print course recently, I would like to express my sincere thanks.
I have never met anyone as enthusiastic as Ron about photography. He has a genuine drive to help his fellow photographers improve. Ron's enthusiasm is infectious and his techniques for teaching and coaching you really work. I can honestly say I learned more about landscape photography in three days than I have in any time previously. The one to one tuition and coaching he provides is absolutely invaluable.
His training and use of Lightroom was easy to understand and his wealth of experience together with examples of his stunning work certainly helped to set what he had taught in my mind.
His sense of humour and friendly approach also made me feel not so much of a pupil, more a friend showing a friend what to do.
I am certainly looking forward to coming back.”



Lorna Cochrane- Fife, March 2010

 "I thoroughly enjoyed the 3 days I spent with Ron - his patience seemed to have no end for a novice such as myself.  His teaching style was very informative, yet delivered in a relaxing, easy to digest manner, without leaving one feeling confused by the technical side of photography.  I left having gained a better understanding of my camera and how to use it to the best of its ability.  The best part was the move from being in awe of the images that professional photographers produce, to feeling that with a bit more practice, I could achieve those too.  Ron gave me the confidence to believe I could achieve this."



Dave Griffith- Fife, October 2009

"Saturday was a truly wonderful day. I learnt so much about composition, camera settings and developing files (amongst other things) that I am still digesting. I downloaded the trial version of Lightroom on Saturday evening and spent most of Sunday using it!

Thank you also for being such an enthusiastic, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable tutor.

I hope Spain goes well. Thanks so much for all your help."



Mike Murphy-Fife, October 2009

"Just a quick note to say thank you for your help and support during the recent course. I now have a better understanding of how to control my camera - rather than it controlling me!!

I downloaded the 30 day Lightroom2 free trial and selected my 'top 15' which Iprinted yesterday in Dundee. My colleagues were most 'impressed' with my new photos - all thanks to you.

Hope to keep in touch, best wishes for now, and thank you once again."




Silke Galloway- Fife, September 2009

"My husband gave me a three-day course with Ron as a birthday present and I have to say what a fantastic present! I have learned so much and have really enjoyed the course.

Ron has an incredible depth of knowledge regarding all aspects of photography. After only a day, so many things I had read about fell into place. Being able to use my camera with somebody at my side answering all questions I ever had (or didn't even know one could have!) about ISO, shutter speed, aperture, not forgetting histograms, was an amazing experience. He seems to know absolutely everything, yet still knows how to explain things to us mere mortals! :-)

I have taken some fantastic pictures and have got some amazing reactions from family and friends.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone, beginner or near professional, and Ron has given me great confidence about photography that I didn’t have before.

Besides all I had great fun – thanks a lot Ron!"

 Silke Galloway -  Forth Road Bridge
    photo credit: © Silke Galloway





Russ McLean-Fife, July 2009

   photo credit: © Russ McLean

“I travelled from New Zealand to participate in this course. It was well worth the effort.

Introduced to photography some two years ago, I initially focused on understanding the capabilities of my camera and the ‘capture’. What I was looking for was a coherent connection between the camera and the computer and help in establishing a digital workflow.

I got that and more. 

Ron Walsh is one of those special people who can inspire the understanding of the seemingly complex. He deals in small participant numbers (4 max) and focuses all his energies on his students. In such an environment I found six things particulary beneficial: 

      1)  specific camera set-up for landscape photography.

      2)  understanding the functionality of the histogram. (Previously, I had understood  what it measured, but not how to use it.)

      3) comprehensive pre-shoot briefings at each of the locations we visited.

      4) one on one assistance, suggestions and advice - tailored to my level of knowledge  and expertise.

      5) the introduction to Adobe Lightroom 2.

      6) the individual computer workstations where you could apply your new knowledge  to your own images. 

The more you learn about photography, the more aware you are of what you don’t know. For me the learning process ideally consists of incremental steps, building on what I have already learned & gently extending to the next levels. I felt very comfortable with Ron and benefited significantly from his guidance. It was a very valuable experience.” 
Russ McLean, Arrowtown, New Zealand, August 2009



Kate Robertson - Fife, June 2009

"What a fanastic course.  Ron is a good teacher who explains things in a clear and concise manner.  You never feel you have asked a stupid question! Great locations and good fun.  Ron even managed organise the weather too!"



Phil Livesey- Spain, April 2009

"I enjoyed the April course so much, and learned such a lot from you. Your patience was fantastic. I feel that there was so much more to see and photograph the scenery and locations were breathtaking, so I am coming back for a return visit.
I am so looking forward to seeing you again and building on the knowledge from the first course."


Iain and Wendy Campbell- Spain, April 2009

"Thank you for a great week. Wendy and I enjoyed it immensely and both really appreciated how much time you gave us, as well as your humour and patience with us. We learnt a great deal (which was what we hoped!)"



 Pete Smith

photo credit © Pete Smith


Jim Wilson- Spain, February 2009

"Thank you for a wonderful course………… last I can see the ‘’big step’’ from snapshot to Image and that is thanks to your guidance and coaching.
I will now have much more satisfaction from my photography.
Also thanks for all of the general help and assistance you gave to myself and the group…..your tireless support was very much appreciated."




Andrew Cooper- Spain, February 2009

"Many thanks for a brilliant course, the results when I got home looked even better, and were well received by family and friends.
Busy printing now in prep for the exhibition next week, I have too many to choose from!
Many thanks again you were a tremendous help and inspiration."




Ian Meek- Spain, February 2009

"Just to say many thanks for an excellent and memorable course in Murcia, Spain!
The five day course was packed with good technical advice alongside plenty of photography with one-to-one tuition at a variety of stunning locations which were all designed to get you out of your 'comfort zone' and push you further in terms of composition; camera, lenses & filter techniques,and finally post production in Lightroom 2. From working quickly on a cliff-top seascape at dawn to a more contemplative & reflective
thought process at a disused goldmine and abandoned village, this course had everything and all delivered in an easy going style.
Then to be shown how to make a slideshow in Lightroom 2 of the best shots at the end of the course was really useful and a great bit of fun!" 

Ian Meek-



Jana Bilek- Spain, February 2009

"Having sampled (on several occasions) the excellent courses set in Fife, I was very tempted by the new Spanish venue on offer.  I knew, based on previous experience, that it would be well-organised and run to a high standard and I wasn’t disappointed.  The hotel chosen was excellent and the quality of the transport and equipment provided was of an equally high standard.
Ron Walsh led the course and nothing was too much bother for him – he carried a rucksack around (that would have defeated all the airline restrictions) full to the brim with things we may, or may not need ‘just in case’.  It was like having access to our very own tuck box. His explanations were always clear and concise and his enthusiasm boundless. 
The places visited were really varied and they were not just your typical seascape views and pretty white villages (although these were on offer as well) and we saw places that we would never have managed to get around to visiting had we organised the trip ourselves. 
I really enjoyed my time out in Murcia with Ron and I know that this sentiment is shared by everyone else who attended the course – I just wish it could have been longer, where did the time go? 
So another winner for the Cargill Walsh team!"


 Silke Galloway -  Forth Road Bridge
    photo credit: © Gerrit Bouw



Steve Lumsden -Spain, February 2009

“Firstly may I say what a great time I had over in Spain. I am a lot more knowledgeable now than I was before our course. This is all thanks to you Ron.

I will look forward to going on another course with Cargill Walsh Photography later in the year. I thought the group we had worked well as a team, this further added to the fun part of the trip.

Thanks for a great course Ron, I now feel like I can take a good photo without the need for guess work.”



Suzanne Baker -Spain, February 2009

"I wanted to write to thank you so much for the most fabulous week of photography in Spain. Everything exceeded my expectations from the lovely comfortable hotel to the amazing locations that we went to.

You are a really great tutor and I learnt so much from you and now I'm just itching to get out and put it all into practice. I enjoyed every moment of my week in Spain even the 6am starts and am now determined to become an early riser and not miss the best part of the day anymore.

I feel like I am really getting to grips with Lightroom now thanks to you. I hope to be able to attend a Scottish course sometime this year, so hope to see you again then. Good luck with the other Spanish Courses you are running I'm sure everyone will have an amazing time with you as their tutor!"