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Landscape and Digital Photography Courses - Fife - East Neuk - Scotland

Lindisfarne Holy Island & Fishermans Boat House sunrise-8432 
 Sunrise over Lindisfarne Castle and Fishermans Boat House, Holy Island. 
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Sunrise over Lindisfarne Castle and Fishermans Boat House, Holy Island.

Digital landscape photography courses by Alba Landscapes are based predominantly around Fife's "hidden gem" of the East Neuk and are all run personally by myself Ron Walsh, with a group size of one to one, or a maximum of one to two.

From beginners to highly experienced amateurs discover how to maximise the output from your camera, combined with learning more about composition, evaluating locations, best camera practice in the field, digital workflow, colour management and printing all at a pace to suit you.

I consider myself extremely fortunate in having a passion for photography and the outdoors. Combining these passions together with the running of digital photography workshops where I have the opportunity to pass on this enthusiasm, knowledge and provide an enjoyable experience to others is doubly rewarding.


Why book your course with Alba Landscapes?

To my knowledge and based on our research the digital photography courses offered by Alba Landscapes are quite unique.

One or maximum two delegates only per course. Courses can be specifically tailored to suit your needs. Tuition in camera set up for Landscape photography and how to maximise the dynamic range of your camera. Practical instruction on location covering composition, use of light, understanding and use of histogram, filters etc. Post processing facilities including individual 24" colour calibrated workstations with each monitor having it's own monitor hood and instruction in the superb Adobe Lightroom. An inclusive A3+ print of your choice from the course run off from a professional grade printer. Courses can be one, two, three days or more depending upon your requirements.

All courses are arranged as and when required for delegates. Ongoing support via e-mail or telephone following your course for three months, based on a typical three day course. Air conditioned transport to and from the various locations, with lunch provided.

Why such limited numbers?

Running all the courses personally myself, I want to ensure that you get the most from your experience and time with Alba Landscapes. I've never felt that this is satisfactorily achieved when group sizes are large and people are " jockeying " for the best tripod position to set up at whilst out on location. You will soon discover that you will receive as much individual tuition as you feel appropriate. A past life in education helps me a great deal in this respect, irrespective of being on location or at your dedicated workstation the support you need will be available. Take a moment to read some of the testimonials from previous course delegates.

All courses are arranged for dates which are mutually convenient for both delegate and myself. View here a typical three day course itinerary.

After booking you will receive via e-mail:

* A guide to successful composition
* A guide to camera control
* A guide to setting up your camera for landscape photography.
* Pre -course questionnaire to establish your ability and experience.
* A guide to what equipment to bring with you.
* A very interesting paper on RAW v's JPEG

I will also ask you to submit two images for discussion purposes during a one to one feedback session at the end of the course. In addition, you have the opportunity of follow on support for a period of three months from the date of your course (based on the three day course).

Although I take my photography seriously ( some might say obsessively), I aim to never lose sight of the fact that you need an enjoyable break as well as combining this with your photography. So the emphasis is on having a relaxing time whilst at the same time improving and developing your technique and camera skills, always aiming to let you return home armed with additional knowledge to produce those photographic images you will be proud of.

Fife and the East Neuk have some real hidden gems. Time permitting, we also have the opportunity to visit Perthshire with its hills and fast flowing waters. Edinburgh is some 40 minutes away by car so we have the opportunity to look at some urban landscape work or to visit the world famous Forth road and rail bridges at South Queensferry. Having made a great many visits to each location this means that I can ensure that you get the most photographically from your visit. Rather than visiting many different location for a short period your day is structured and for this reason we visit just one or two locations each day to ensure that you have sufficient time to make the most of each one.

Typically, day one starts around 9.00am and finishes at whatever time we need, with a lunch break that fits in with the photography schedule of the day. On all of the courses photography and the landscape are of primary importance, so on those days when a dawn and/or sunset shoot is planned we will start earlier or finish later. The light at dawn and sunset is very often the best of the day, so there will be an opportunity to include at least one of these in your schedule.

During the time on location you will never find me setting up and shooting with my own camera, my belief is that time on location should be spent with you on a one to one basis. We all learn from one another, so discussion time is very often equally as valuable as shooting time.

You can anticipate receiving tuition on aspects such as basic camera control, white balance, depth of field, dynamic range, lighting, lens choice, metering, composition, filters, digital workflow and much, much more depending upon your ability level. Whilst much of this is best taught practically on location rather than in a classroom environment, you will however have ample opportunity to discuss any specific issues you may have with your camera work or technique.

All images in the Workshops section of this web site have been shot by people who have previously attended a course with Alba Landscapes and are displayed with their permission. You can view more of this work via the Students Gallery.


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