Private and Corporate Commissioned Landscape or Seascape Photography

This comprises of the following;

  •  A preliminary telephone or video conference call to discuss the nature, requirements and location of the commissioned work to ensure a bespoke image or images meeting the projects requirements.
  •  A one to one meeting on the day of photography at the location to fully identify and clarify the aims and requirements of the project.
  •  One full days photography (completed in one visit).
  •  Secure log-in via a password of the clients choice on the website. Visit your own personal page or pages for viewing and selecting your chosen image or images. Or alternatively receive reduced quality images printed as a contact sheet.
  •   The choice of one of the following four options, either:

Option i) Framed Print.

This single print option is supplied as the landscape or seascape image of your choice, presented as a stunning inkjet print personally produced by Ron and mounted in a hand made Ash or Oak frame. Depending upon your preference, you have this option of a single framed print with a printed area of approximately 21" x 14". [more details] or to choose Option ii below.


Option ii) Two Framed Prints.

This print option offers the choice of two individually framed images from your client portfolio. Each image is presented as a stunning inkjet print personally produced by Ron and mounted in a handmade Ash or Oak frame. The printed surface area for each image is approximately 12" x 8". [more details]



Option iii) Framed Canvas.

Selecting the canvas option means that the stunning landscape or seascape image of your choice is supplied as a professionally produced heavy duty canvas. The ready to hang canvas measures 48" x 30" and fully complies with the archival standards as required by the Fine Art Trade Guild. [more details]



Option iv) Image Bloc.

A single boxed framed print measuring 48" x 30"  The Image Bloc or boxed framed print is a modern and contemporary method of presenting an image. Each Image Bloc is manufactured using a solid wooden frame. The frame itself being manufactured in black with dimensions of fifty millimetres. A five millimetre thick foam board is inserted into each frame, this board is set back from the surface and recessed into the wooden frame to give a feeling of depth. The image, which is printed onto photographic vinyl of 275 gsm is fixed to the foam core board and then laminated. This lamination process provides a robust and durable finish. Each Image Bloc is handmade and printed using professional wide format Epson printers running genuine Epson K3 UltraChrome inks with vivid Magenta.  [more details]


  • The quoted price is inclusive of all packaging, insurance and delivery costs. No VAT to be applied.
  • This price is inclusive of all travel costs within a radius of 50 miles from PH8 0RD. This radius being determined by the RAC route planner. The quoted price applies to commissioned work within the UK only. For overseas commissions please contact Ron Walsh directly to discuss your requirements on 0044-(0)7710-173157.
  • Additional mileage outside the 50 mile radius is charged at thirty pence per mile.
  • Should more than one day be required to complete the project any additional time is costed at:  Half a day £300.00 and Full day £600.00
  • In the event that a project lasts longer than two working days then the above mentioned half day and full days rates shall apply accordingly to each of the additional number of days required to complete the project.
  • Quoted image sizes are give as approximate due to any cropping requirements which may apply to the original digital file.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights of all images remain the sole property of Ron Walsh - Alba Landscapes. These images shall not be used by Ron Walsh - Alba Landscapes for any other purpose for a maximum statutory period of twelve months from the date of image capture. After this twelve month period Ron Walsh - Alba Landscapes have the right to display and promote for sale via the Alba Landscapes web site any images taken for this project.
  • All  framed inkjet prints are supplied with high quality two millimetre float glass. Non-reflective glass is not supplied as an option. Two millimetre float glass is preferred as a much better colour rendition is achieved. It is recommended that the frames be hung such that they are lit appropriately to minimise any reflections.

Cost for either Option i, ii, iii or  iv is: £990.00 (VAT is not applicable)

Thank you for your interest. Please follow the link below in order to complete and submit an initial enquiry form.