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Indicative outline for a three day course

Day 1

(Prior to 9.00am collection from accommodation)

► Arrive at base for covering the pre-course introduction, theory discussion and safety briefing. Description of the location for day's photography. Coffee tea and biscuits.

►  Travel to the days location.

►  On arrival at our location check delegates equipment making any necessary adjustments and then into the location for photography. This normally takes the format of general guidance through the entire location on an ongoing basis with vast photographic opportunities.

►  Break for lunch (provided) typically at our location, with a general discussion regarding the day's photography and any points raised from that discussion.

► Continue shooting at our location with new areas and more photography.

Forth Road Bridge Landscape  Photography Scotland

photo credit: © Russ McLean         

► Return to base to review images, give feedback, discuss technical issues and look at the first stage of digital workflow using Adobe Lightroom, including RAW development and start with some basic image processing. Discussion of the merits of RAW vs other shooting formats.

► Break for an evening meal.

► Travel to the evening location for a sunset shoot.

► Finish for the day with transport back to accommodation.

       photo credit: © Gerrit Bouw

DAY 2 

► Collection from accommodation and onwards to the morning's photography location/s. Discussion on route regards type and style of location, discussion on lighting and other important parameters.

► Arrival at location with photography as per DAY 1.

► Return to base for lunch (provided) with a summary discussion on the mornings photography.

► Review of images with more post processing utilising Adobe's Lightroom with regards to getting the best from your RAW files.

►  Return to accommodation.


Day 3

►  As per day 2, with new location, however this will typically be a dawn shoot.

►  Return to base for post processing using Adobe's Lightroom, produce a slideshow of your work, printing, colour management, backing up of all files to take home together with your A3+ print.

You will be using your own dedicated work station. You don't have to share a terminal with any other delegate. All terminals are relatively new with high specification i.e. 2GB ram, etc. All monitors are 24" colour calibrated and each having it's own hood.

Before you arrive you will receive via e-mail your pre-course information pack which includes;

►  a guide to successful composition,

►  guide to camera control,

►  guide to setting up your camera for landscape photography,

►  pre-course questionnaire, 

►  guide to what equipment to bring,

►  a paper on RAW vs JPEG,

►  a copy of our terms & conditions.


  photo credit:  © David Pirie        

Each course is typically run on a one to one basis or in some cases a one to two basis for couples or people who want to attend together. By adopting this numbers policy this ensures;

►  that no one is not getting in your way during the actual photography in the field.

►  there is as much or as little one to one as you require. You don't face the problem of needing to wait for some input if required, so allowing you to maximise your photography time.

►  provision of a dedicated digital workstation for each delegate attending.

►  you are transported in a comfortable air conditioned MPV with lunch provided.

►  as you have a one to one situation, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

►  we can cover more ground and maximise each locations potential as your not waiting for someone else to finish shooting where you want to be.

It would be fair to say that regardless of your current photographic ability, I am sure you will have a fantastic time, leave with a far greater understanding of how to maximise the output from your camera, be more confident with your use of Lightroom and know what constitutes a good photograph, but more importantly to take with you the feeling that you have achieved a great deal in short period of time.

To review the thoughts and comments from previous delegates who have attended courses with Ron please read our testimonials page.

All images displayed throughout the workshops section of this website are the work of previous delegates and are displayed with their permission. To view additional work by past delegates click on student galleries.

I look forward to the opportunity of welcoming you on to a course in the future